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Who We Are

Nanome seeks to democratize science, engineering, and research using Virtual Reality and Blockchain technology. We build intelligent virtual reality interfaces that enable scientists and engineers to collaborate, design and simulate with nanoscale precision. Our software helps advance research and development in life sciences, materials sciences, and nanoengineering through hands-on virtual reality interfaces.


Our Products

Matryx is a bounty system that provides incentives for collaborative problem solving.


Calcflow features intuitive ways you can learn the foundations of vector calculus using virtual reality.


Nano-One is the world's first molecular visualization and modeling tool for today’s virtual reality platforms.

Custom Business Solutions

Enterprise Ready

Nanome advances research in Life Sciences by providing a state of the art interface to boost productivity, reduce overhead, and connect researchers from around the world. Contact us to see what solution is right for your business.

Nanome Team

Steve McCloskey

CEO | Chairman of the Board

Keita Funakawa

COO | Board Member

Edgardo Leija

Chief Experience Officer

Vincent Brunet

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Morgan

Chief Crypto Officer

Kai Wang

VP Software Development

Max Howard

Lead Architect

Dennis Chiang

Lead UI Developer

Edward Zhou

Lead Calcflow Architect

Ethan Vanderhorn

Lead Calcflow Developer

Jacqueline Bontigao

Lead Interface Developer

Lilian Angel

Lead UX Developer

Kyle Lee

Head Mathematician

Ty Stahnke

Unity Developer


Ben Bratton

Professor of Visual Arts at UCSD | Board Member

Greg Horowitt

Venture Capitalist, Author, Serial entrepreneur | Board Member

Jürgen Schulze

Professor of Computer Science at UC San Diego

Mark Thiemens

Former dean of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego

Scott Morgan

Entrepreneur, Investor, Cryptoeconomy

David Brin

Author, Futurist, Public Speaker

Ronald Graham

Inventor of Grahamʼs Number | Mathematician and Chief Scientist at CalIT2

Silvia Mah

Executive Director of Hera-Labs

Geoff Odell

CEO at Trusted-HIT | former Novartis VP of Global Operations

Deborah Jude

Communications Officer at Center for Microbiome Innovation at UCSD

Bruna Mori

Director of Engagement at The Center for Design and Geopolitics

Paul Puey

CEO & Co-Founder at Airbitz

John Graham

Lead Engineer of Pacific Research Platform

Our Focus

Precision Medicine

Understanding three dimensional structures is essential to create the right components together with less unexpected consequences. Our immersive nano-scale precision provides researchers an intuitive interface that leverages the power of cloud computing for unbelievable results.

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